Yekaterinburg is known not only as the largest industrial center in Russia and the capital of Russian rock, but also as the city where the last Russian emperor was executed along with his wife, three children, a personal physician and a pet dog. [ wikipedia ]
Since then the consumption of vodka per 1 resident (older than 14 years) is an average of 75 bottles per year.
Most of the bars in the city center are open around the clock. And churches are always nearby.

Best places you must see in Yekaterinburg

Here it is Top 5 cool places in Yekaterinburg:

Street of illegal casinos

The central avenue of Yekaterinburg, the so-called "Ural Arbat". One of its parts from the Kuibyshev street to Lenin Avenue is pedestrian. Vainera Street is one of the oldest in the city, it was laid in the middle of the XVIII century. Along it are merchant's mansions, town estates, former commercial shops, administrative buildings, most of which were built in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Vainera street is first place to visit in Yekaterinburg.

House-residence of the first president of Russia

Boris Yeltsin lives in this house. There are exhibition rooms, a cinema hall, auditoriums for lectures and conferences, a library and a science park for entertainment. The building was established in 2008 partly on government money, in part - on personal funds of the Yeltsin family.

The world's tallest lantern

It's height is 325 metres. Every spring the city authorities demolish this structure, so that by the next spring it will be erected again. It's a national Russian fun - to break and build again.[ video ]

The Martian Settlement on Earth

It was erected in the 1980s and at that time was considered one of the best in the USSR. Since its opening, more than 20 million viewers and many famous scientists of Russia and the world have visited it.

The ruins of the world's oldest keyboard

Despite the fact that the landmark was never recognized as an official monument, it is included in all unofficial guidebooks in Yekaterinburg and is mandatory for visits to many visitors of the city. From here begins the famous tourist route "Red Line".

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